Saturday, January 31, 2015

DIY - Custom Scented Hand Soap

There are so many nice smelling hand soaps out there. Some of my favorite brands are Method, Bath and Body Works, and Mrs. Meyers. These are all easy to find but can get pricey if you have to purchase them over and over again, as not all scents come in refill sizes. If you are in a pinch but still want lovely scented soaps or if you want a particular fragrance for your soap, try making your own!

Essencial oils and soaps scents are a great way to boost any unscented liquid soap. Not only do they provide a lovely scent, but some essential oils provide other health benefits. Learn more about which essential oils would be appropriate to use HERE. I also purchased fragrance oils HERE. These fragrance oils are not essential oils but essential oils are also available on this website. Note that cost of making your own scented soap will vary depending on what oils you purchase.

I reused the soap containers I already had and purchased unscented liquid soap from Costco. You can find something similar at any bulk warehouse store. 

Instructions: Fill your liquid soap dispenser with unscented soap then add essential or fragrance oil of your choosing. For a more subtle scent use fewer drops, around 4-7. For a stronger scent use 10-15. This is just an estimation for the 12oz bottle I had. Use as many drops as you need until you reach your desires scent level. When using the fragrance oils, use a teaspoon. Voila! It's that simple.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different fragrances. Below are some of my faves!

Hand Soap

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